Mute in brass instrument
About Dem-Bro - User Testimonials

Sietse Hamersma, music teacher at the IVAK (Delfzijl, NL), and conductor of the brassband Heman (Zuidwolde, NL), the brassband Constantijn Huygens (Appingedam, NL) and Chr. Muziekvereniging Oranje (Grootegast, NL).

"When I saw and heard the Dembro mutes for the first time, I immediately was enthusiastic. The mutes are distinctive for the light manner of playing. Because of this the tone is easily to adjust. With the Dem-Bro mutes the sound remains open from low to high. The mixing of the sound with other instruments is much easier than with comparable mutes and the tone is in a large reach much clearer. As a conductor and as a music teacher I am very satisfied with the the newly designed mutes. I highly recommend the Dem-Bro mutes for your music playing pleasure!"