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The brassband Constantijn Huygens, of which the founder of Dem-Bro is a member, needed Peter Gane mutes. However, in that time these mutes weren't available. So the founder of Dem-Bro decided to make these kind of mutes, and founded Dem-Bro in 2001. After a lot of searching and testing a high quality material was found of which our products still are made. In this way a new product was born, which suits the actual demand. Our mutes play easily and have the same sound and appearance as the Peter Gane mutes.

Brassband Constantijn Huygens still uses our mutes with lots of pleasure and comfort. We also receive many positive reactions from people who tried our mutes. That is why we decided to produce and sell our mutes.

In the meantime our mutes are for sale at a number of companies in The Netherlands and Great Britain. It is also possible to order our products at this site.

When you or your association need new mutes, or if you require additional information about our products, feel free to look around at this site. When still questions are left, contact us using the contact page.